Higher Focus Studios | About Us

It all started with a handshake…
From greeting time at church to an exciting & growing photography business, our humble roots began nearly 8 years ago as we tackled our first business project together:  a lovely wedding.  Over the years, our clients have graciously allowed us to tell their stories through our photography.  We strive to capture real life and authentic emotion instead of taking pictures that simply say “cheese”. We are eternally grateful, Krista & Kristen

Our Christian faith is the backbone of our business.  We are all bombarded daily by distractions that try to pull us away from the journey or path we are called to.  By choosing Higher Focus Studios as our business name, we hope to remind not only ourselves, but also those we come in contact with, to strive for a “higher focus” during the ups & downs of life.

“Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.”  Colossians 3:2

KRISTEN (pictured above) is co-owner of Higher Focus Studios & lives in Grantsville, MD with her family.  She’ll probably be the only person on the dance floor with a camera hanging from her neck to "lead" the cupid shuffle :) and get some great dancing shots.

Why photography?  When I was 13, I made 2 rolls of film last for a 6 week trip to Kenya with my family, carefully planning each shot. I'll never look back after experiencing the freedom of digital imaging, but it was like a light bulb came on and I couldn't imagine life without capturing those memories!  My degree in Media Communications only heightened my love of freezing still photographs and refining my skills.  It gives me great joy to freeze moments and emotions in time for others as well as for my own family.

A few of my favorites things… My hard working hubby and our home on a horse farm, down comforters in the winter, sweet corn in the summertime and chasing my toddler as she giggles the whole year through!

People think it’s strange that... I don't like to wear socks and shoes. I would live in sandals and flats year-round if we didn't get so much snow in the winter!


KRISTA (pictured above) is co-owner of Higher Focus Studios and resides in Garrett, PA with her family.  With a love for creative & different angles, she’ll be the one rolling around on the grass to get the perfect couple shot!

Why photography?  I’ve always loved sunsets and photographing them in high school was a great way to remember the brilliant colors & textures. Even after taking several college level photography courses & earning a BA in Art (Graphic Design emphasis) my passion for photography has continued to grow.

A few of my favorites things… My daughters smile, front porch swings, finishing drywall, coffee shop dates, a road trip with no destination, making people laugh.

People think it’s strange that... I put honey on scrambled eggs. You should try it!


  Learn more about us by watching our promo video!                                        
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              Filmed & edited by the amazing Glass Canvas Production team!  glasscanvasproductions@gmail.com