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A boy & his red wagon

August 22, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

We've had the privilege of photographing the Yoder family for about 4 years now...what a blessing to watch their 2 handsome boys grow!  Cameron turned ONE recently so we headed to New Germany State Park for an hour session.  As you'll be able to tell, Caleb is such a kind and sensitive older brother to Cameron.

Yoder-9Yoder-9Yoder-9 Yoder-19Yoder-19Yoder-19 Yoder-38Yoder-38Yoder-38 Yoder-43Yoder-43Yoder-43 Yoder-47Yoder-47Yoder-47 Yoder-55Yoder-55Yoder-55 Yoder-64Yoder-64Yoder-64 Yoder-74Yoder-74Yoder-74

I asked Caleb to be a walking billboard for me and try to keep the letter "C" as close to Cameron as possible.  Caleb was such a trooper! It was a challenge to keep up with his brother but I'd say he did an excellent job.  And the photos tell such a sweet story of his willingness :)

Yoder-83Yoder-83Yoder-83 Yoder-88Yoder-88Yoder-88 Yoder-90Yoder-90Yoder-90 Yoder-101Yoder-101Yoder-101 Cameron LOVES his little red wagon and it seems like dad and brother are quite fond of it as well :P  The joy on their faces is priceless!

Yoder-108Yoder-108Yoder-108 Yoder-131Yoder-131Yoder-131 Yoder-136Yoder-136Yoder-136 Yoder-140Yoder-140Yoder-140


Easter - more than fluffy bunnies & candy

April 19, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

As a child, Easter was always an exciting time of anticipating...waiting, waiting, waiting for the easter bunny to "hop" by my house with a huge basket of goodies just for me!  There was always a note in the basket from my furry friend spreading Easter wishes.  I now know this "furry friend" was my amazing parents :)  My anticipation towards Easter has changed a bit as I've gotten older.  Now when I think of Easter, I remember The One who make a sacrifice that I could never ever make.  My life is renewed daily because Jesus died so that I may truly live.  I am forever thankful that he doesn't leave us on this earth to fend for ourselves.  Have a thoughtful and happy Easter!  ~ Krista


Infant Photographer Garrett County

Colors Abounding!

April 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I LOVE the start of Spring!  The hustle and bustle of robins in the morning, the wonderful aroma of plants blooming and the sound of children playing in the yard again after a long winter. I'm a "porch dweller" :)  As soon as the temperature gets closer to 50 degrees I'm out on the porch with my coffee in the mornings before work and star gazing at night.  We hope you are all enjoying the start of above freezing weather!  Here are a few favorites from our recent Easter Sessions!  There's still time to get your photos done...contact us today!  ~ Krista Sheets_easter-8Sheets_easter-8Sheets_easter-8 Sheets_easter-16Sheets_easter-16Sheets_easter-16 Sheets_easter-24Sheets_easter-24Sheets_easter-24 Sheets_easter-28Sheets_easter-28Sheets_easter-28 Sheets_easter-33Sheets_easter-33Sheets_easter-33 Sheets_easter-43Sheets_easter-43Sheets_easter-43 Sheets_easter-49Sheets_easter-49Sheets_easter-49



Maust Family Portraits

February 17, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Oh what fun the Maust family is...and their kids...little bundles of joy (and energy).  I need some of that energy ;)  We spent an hour together on a Saturday morning at our Salisbury home studio.  The 2 oldest kids played in the living room while we took some photos of their new sister, only 5 weeks old.  She is just beautiful!  Then it was time to take their photos and I can still hear them laughing and giggling as I look through these favorites of mine!  Enjoy :)  ~Krista Maust-16Maust-16Maust-16 Maust-17Maust-17Maust-17 Maust-4Maust-4Maust-4 Maust-6Maust-6Maust-6 Maust-25Maust-25Maust-25 Maust-28Maust-28Maust-28 Maust-34Maust-34Maust-34 Maust-39Maust-39Maust-39 Maust-48Maust-48Maust-48




Carey Family Portraits

February 08, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

A wobbly bamboo chair, colorful pom poms and my husbands tie...these are a few of our favorite things that took place at the Carey family session at my home studio in Salisbury, PA.  Declan is 6 months old and has the sweetest grin, which I'm sure will turn into a wooing smile for the ladies when he is older ;)  Allison is beautiful and has such a sweet heart...she is a great older sister!  I had the privilege of photographing their parents wedding a couple of years ago and now see how wonderful of parents they have become.  Here are a few of my favorites from their session!


Carey_family_final-19Carey_family_final-19Carey_family_final-19 Carey_family_final-50Carey_family_final-50Carey_family_final-50


Carey_family_final-32Carey_family_final-32Carey_family_final-32 Carey_family_final-59Carey_family_final-59Carey_family_final-59 Carey_family_final-71Carey_family_final-71Carey_family_final-71 Carey_family_final-77Carey_family_final-77Carey_family_final-77

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